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:043: Panties Blog Crew
D'espairsRay // Zero Butt
At claim here's next live,
I'm throwing my panties on stage.

Please Read the Rules!
i; Multifandom. . . sort of? Only real live actor/esses and musical people please! After all, you're not really going to be throwing panties at Naruto, are you? Not that I'm throwing panties at Zero. . . You can claim from whatever country you'd like, tho. Even Antarctica.
ii;First come, first serve.
iii;3 claims per person, 3 users per claim.
iv;Reserves have been added.
v;Claim means it's full.
vi;I'll be claiming my Zero-Pants.
vii;Check the claims list/ comments before yours before you claim!
ix;I don't care what you put in the subject box, but please put something! No subject means no claim!
x;Aaaaand if something is wrong, please let me know nicely!
xi;Here's a link to my other blog crews!
xii;Would you like to make a reservation?
xiii; The pixel is from Photobucket this time.

Here's the code:


An Cafe
Kanon vayaro

Zero deatheaterjera

Nakajima Yuto angelchann
Arioka Daiki daikiriffic

Yokoyama Yuu yue_akuma

Koyama Keiichiro silver881
Nishikido Ryo nekoshoujo
Yamashita Tomohisa kaoru_yubiwa

Miyavi sailorpokemon

The GazettE
Ruki feelingofdoubt
Aoi lifeisnyaa


Super Junior
Choi Siwon blackpapillon

Kim Kibum tyttacode
Lee Jinki polareese

Alexander L. Eusebio italic


Sexy Sushi mykonos2


August Band
Witwisit 'Pchy' Hiranyawongkul moehoshi


Miura Hamura planetariumlove

Richard Armitage humoresque

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may I claim the French band Sexy Sushi?

goodbye, goodbye,goodbye~

I'm taking just my Key/Kim Kibum there :3 ♥

Re: goodbye, goodbye,goodbye~

:D <3

hjdrejs omg a blogcrew

Omg you made one ... I love you ... thank yoooooooooou for my koyama <3333333

Re: hjdrejs omg a blogcrew

<3 <3 <3 I love you too! :D I was going to make a second one right away, but I've not been feeling good because of some meds lately. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand I didn't want to fart around with colours anymore. Ahahahah! :D

You're welcome!

Re: hjdrejs omg a blogcrew

i hope those meds will make you better though :( .. *snicker* you said fart XDDD


I'm On A Ride, On A Ride, I'm A Passenger~

lololol. Miyavi (Japan/Music), please?

Re: I'm On A Ride, On A Ride, I'm A Passenger~


And I apologize for the delay! D: I completely died off of LJ for a while.

Claiming Witwisit "Pchy" Hiranyawongkul - August Band (Actor/Singer - Thailand), pretty please? :3



And I apologize for the delay! D: I completely died off of LJ for a while.

look! i'm putting something in the subject! :D

Thank you for Aoi! :)

Re: look! i'm putting something in the subject! :D

You're welcome! :D

because he's that sexy~

Lee Jinki from SHINee/singer/S.Korea please? :)

Re: because he's that sexy~


And I apologize for the delay! D: I completely died off of LJ for a while.

Re: because he's that sexy~

Thank you!

It's okay. No problem. ;)

;________; that's my claim. /steals and sobs
oh there's still my name.
/sobs again

re-check my blogcrews, then clicked your link xD

/steals siwon away and give you a big bunch of thanks

Lol! :D Awwwww! Don't cry! I was wondering if you'd ever come back.

You're in the reserve list, so you'd be on there until I stopped making crews. :D Even if you weren't, I'd probably still add you. It was fun to fangirl over Hottie Pants Siwon! :D It's the least I could do to say 'Thank you!'

May I claim actor Richard Armitage (Actor/England)?

Added! And I'm so sorry for the delay!

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I haven't seen you post in a while but LJ tells me it's your birthday, so happy birthday :D

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