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Death Eater and Loyal Servant

Serving the Dark Side since 1999.

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:039: Jealousy Is A Bitch Blog Crew
D'espairsRay // Zero
The heart of +Claim here+ is mine, and no other's!

Claim HereCollapse )

Kyoya Hibari (AniManga/Reborn) plz?!

Jung Yong-hwa [C.N Blue/Music/Korea]

Added! ^^ You're welcome!

Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel (Germany/music)

please & thanks :)

Added! You're welcome. ^^

Chinen Yuri of Hey! Say! JUMP (music.japan) please ^^

Uchiha Itachi from Naruto (animanga), please?

Kyo of Dir en grey (Music/Japan)
CLAIMING plrease thanks


You're welcome. ^^

Kanda Yuu of D.Gray-man (animanga) please? ;D

Of course! You've been added. ^^

(Deleted comment)
Oz Vessalius from Pandora Hearts (animanga) please? Thank you! ^^


You're welcome~~

Nishikido Ryo from NEWS (Japan/music), pleaseeeee? :3

:D He's yours. ^^

Kim Jaejoong of DBSK (music - korea) please ^^

Shou from alice nine [music/Japan] please? :3

Actor B.J. Novak please?

Lee donghae from Super Junior please~ :D Korea

I'm so damn jealous!!!

Damn it! My fav. claims are still free, I dunno who to claim! xDDD

Ok, I claim Toshiya from japanese band Dir en Grey! please and thanks ♥

Re: I'm so damn jealous!!!


And you're welcome. ^^