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:037: Two is Better Blog Crew
Super Junior // Siwon Alone
Claim Here Your Name Here
Two Is Always Better Than One

Please Read the Rules!

**Forgive the crappy colour combination. I have issues with that, all the time. I'm sorry!**

MULTIFANDOM. Anything goes, video games, animanga, books, musicians, actors. . .
First come, first serve.
5 claims per user, 5 users per claim.
Reservations have been added!
Claim means it's full.
I'll be claiming Zero, Siwon, and The Dark Master. Zero has an extra spot, but the DM is miiiiine, and Siwon is locked just because I say so.
Check the claims list/ comments before yours before you claim!
Please put FULL NAME (no nicknames), PROFESSION/COUNTRY, and WHICH FANDOM it is from!
Please put 'Tali' in the subject so I know you've read the rules. If you do not put this, you won't get your claim!
Don't take the code before I accept. >.>
Aaaaand if something is wrong, please let me know nicely!
Pixel from pixelpeach.
Here's a link to my other blog crews!

Claim Here Your Name Here
Two Is Always Better Than One

Code Here:

Claim Here Your Name Here
Two Is Always Better Than One

Code Here:


Alice Nine
Shou - nekoshoujo .
Hiroto - dropsofstars . starless_sky20 .

An Cafe
Kanon - taeyong . vayaro .

Aiba Masaki - gackt_tytta .

Zero - deatheaterjera .
Hizumi - maazuki_kei .

The GazettE
Ruki - feelingofdoubt . sono_ike .
Aoi - lifeisnyaa . o_cherushii_o . vayaro .
Uruha - o_cherushii_o .

Arioka Daiki - xmidnightrain . heysayjumplove . brosiscomplex . asianized_x .
Takaki Yuya - turtlepark .
Yamada Ryosuke - yamada_love . kaoru_yubiwa .
Chinen Yuri - kickbuhttninja .
Yaotome Hikaru - asianized_x .

Isshi - takanori_lover .

Yokoyama Yuu - yue_akuma .
Murakami Shingo - yue_akuma .
Maruyama Ryuhei - yue_akuma .

Tanaka Koki - yue_akuma .

Kitayama Hiromitsu - gackt_tytta .

Aiji - sono_ike .

Nakayama Yuma w/ BI Shadow
Nakayama Yuma - turtlepark .

Koyama Keiichiro - silver881
Nishikido Ryo - gackt_tytta . marcsi568 .
Yamashita Tomohisa - marcsi568 . kaoru_yubiwa .
Kato Shigeaki - karlablue .


Jang Wooyoung - happyiris .

Alex - staryh .

C.N Blue
Jung Yong Hwa - asianized_x . taeyong . visionarynotion .

Jung Yunho - staryh .
Shim Changmin - jkkwai . evlcookies .
Kim Junsu - perfectstart .

FT Island
Lee Hongki - kokoroxkiseki . happyiris .
Lee Ki Kwang - asianized_x .

Kim Jonghyun - visionarynotion .

Kim Hyunjoong - taeyong .

Super Junior
Choi Siwon - blackpapillon . deatheaterjera
Lee Donghae - kokoroxkiseki . mondaythe26th .
Cho Kyuhyun - ah_kya . mondaythe26th .
Kim Jongwoon - ryutsuki_sama .
Kim Kibum - evlcookies .
Park Jungsoo - sj13forever .


Jiro Wang - visionarynotion .

Jay Chou - yue_akuma .


Jonas Brothers
Joe Jonas - visionarynotion .


Axis Powers Hetalia
Lovino Vargas - lea_sama .

How's Moving Castle
Howl - visionarynotion .

Junjou Romantica
Takahashi Misaki - rika_shinmei .

Spice and Wolf
Kraft Lawrence - fuegofeather .

--Video Games--

Thousand Arms
The Dark Master - deatheaterjera .



Sato Takeru - colorfulkizuna .

--TV Shows--

Life On Mars
Sam Tyler - timedrift .

kim junsu / dbsk / korea please~

Park Jungsoo of Super Junior (Korea/music) please?Thanks :)


You're welcome~

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
taking my reservation~~

thanks ^^

You're welcome! :D -hugsquish-

Arioka Daiki of Hey! say! JUMP *music japan* please?

Taking my Hiroto reserve~ :D Thank you so much, dear~ <3333

You're welcome! ^^ <3 <3

Taking my reservation,thanks!

You're welcome! ^^

Your icon looks very sneaky-sneaky to me. XD

Sam Tyler from Life on Mars (tv) please!~

ty for my koyama &hearts

You're welcome! ^^ Omnomnom, we need some cardboard life size cut outs if we can't have the real thing. /sorry for the random. I have a board through my temples and took some headache meds that are making me nuts. XD

(i love your colours combination! ♥)

Can I claim Yokoyama Yuu, Murakami Shingo and Maruyama Ryuhei, all from Kanjani8 (music/japan), Tanaka Koki from KAT-TUN (music/japan) and Jay Chou (solo artist/taiwan) pretty please with chocolate topping? ^^

Thank youuuuuu! ♥

(Aww, thanks! ^^ -hugsquish- That seems to be the hardest part of making a blog crew for me. . . . deciding which colours to use, and trying to not use colours I've already done stuff with. . . aaah!)

Of course you can! You can even have sprinkles with it! :D They're yours!

<3 You're welcome. ^^

Taking my reservation, thank you. ♥

You're welcome! ^^ <3

Kraft Lawrence, from the Spice & Wolf animanga, please. :3

Taking my reserves <3 + Aiba Masaki from Arashi (Japan), please? :3

Of course! You've been added for him as well. :D

Taking my Hiroto reserve, thank you very much doll~!!! ♥

You're welcome! ^^


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