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:041: Lay All Your Love On Me Blog Crew
D'espairsRay // Zero Final Call
claim here
Don't go wasting your emotion,
Lay all your love on me.

Don't go sharing your devotion,
Lay all your love on me.

**Lyrics are from Abba's song, 'Lay All Your Love On Me'.
**I'm redoing the reserves list! Click the link below if you'd like to make one.

Please Read the Rules!
i; Multifandom!
ii;First come, first serve.
iii;3 claims per person, 3 users per claim.
iv;Reserves have been added.
v;Claim means it's full.
vi;I'll be claiming Zero and The Dark Master, and they're locked.
vii;Check the claims list/ comments before yours before you claim!
ix;I don't care what you put in the subject box, but please put something! No subject means no claim!
x;Aaaaand if something is wrong, please let me know nicely!
xi;Here's a link to my other blog crews!
xii;Would you like to make a reservation? THE LIST IS BEING REDONE. GET YOUR MAN WHILE HE'S AVAILABLE!

claim here
Don't go wasting your emotion,
Lay all your love on me.

Don't go sharing your devotion,
Lay all your love on me.

Here's the code:


Alice Nine
Saga xelectric3567
Hiroto starless_sky20
Shou uchimaki_always

An Cafe
Kanon vayaro

Zero deatheaterjera

Dir En Grey
Kyo kktsubasa

Hey! Say! JUMP
Arioka Daiki daikiriffic brosiscomplex
Morimoto Ryutaru cha_love_hsj

Yokoyama Yuu yue_akuma
Murakami Shingo yue_akuma

Koyama Keiichiro silver881
Nishikido Ryo nekoshoujo

The GazettE
Ruki feelingofdoubt
Aoi lifeisnyaa vayaro


Kim Kibum tyttacode

Super Junior
Choi Siwon blackpapillon


Video Games;

Ace Attorney : Apollo Justice
Klavier Gavin planetariumlove

Final Fantasy VII
Zack Fair feelingofdoubt

Final Fantasy XIII
Lightning kktsubasa
Fang kktsubasa

Final Fantasy XII
Balthier feelingofdoubt

Thousand Arms
The Dark Master deatheaterjera



Miura Hamura planetariumlove

TV Show People;

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Ruki from the GazettE (Japan)
Balthier from Final Fantasy XII & Zack Fair from Final Fantasy VII (both games), please?

holli is made of awesomesauce

taking my one and only ... THANK YOU BB &hearts

Wendi is made of fuckingawesomesauce!

You're welcome. <3 <3 <3

Oh, you changed the layout! :D

...and it's pwetty! ♥

Can I claim Yokoyama Yuu and Murakami Shingo, both from Kanjani8 (music/japan) please? :3

Thankiiiiies~ ♥

Re: Oh, you changed the layout! :D

Aw, thanks! :D It's all nice and colourful and bright.

You've been added, and you're welcome! <3

Saga from Alice Nine (music/japan) please? :D

You've been added!

Thank you so much for my love. ;.; ♥

You're welcome! -hugsquish of doooooom- <3

Arioka Daiki of Hey! Say! JUMP (music/Japan) please? ♥

Hiroto from Alice Nine (music/Japan) please? :D

*insert something smart here*

Key from SHINee (Korea/music), please? :3

Re: *insert something smart here*


Arioka Daiki of Hey! Say! JUMP *music japan* please?

thanks :3

something nice. XDDDDD;;

Aoi of the GazettE (Japan/Music) please? :)
I iz off to reserve him again? XDDDD;;

Re: something nice. XDDDDD;;


Blarg, I'm really sorry that I redid my list. There were like, 5 people out of everyone who reserved who actually claimed. And instead of actually writing down who -did- claim, I deleted everything before I did that. D: I'm sorry. u.u

Re: something nice. XDDDDD;;

It's okay. :3333

(Deleted comment)

Re: YES MA'M!! (the layout's changed, lol, whiteeeee)


(Kyah, white! D: It's so bright!)

Kyo of Dir en grey (Music/Japan)
Lightning and Fang of FFXIII (Video Games)
CLAIMING plrease thanks XDDD

Added, and you're welcome!

(Deleted comment)
Sure! You've been added!

can i have morimoto ryutaro of hey say jump (music/japan) plez? ^^

Added! (And I'm sorry for the delay!)

Aoi of the Gazette and Kanon of An Cafe, please. (music/Japan)

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