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:035: Without You
D'espairsRay // Zero Butt
I can't face the dark without ::Claim Here::.

Please Read the Rules!
MULTIFANDOM. Anything goes, video games, animanga, books, musicians, actors. . .
First come, first serve.
3 claims per person, 5 people per claim.
Reservations have been added!
Claim means it's full.
I'll be claiming Zero and The Dark Master. Extra spots for them.
Check the claims list/ comments before yours before you claim!
Please put 'Without You' in the subject so I know you've read the rules. If you do not put this, you won't get your claim!
Don't take the code before I accept. >.>
Aaaaand if something is wrong, please let me know nicely!
This is a lyric from the song, 'Without You' by Breaking Benjamin.
Wanna reserve? (Asian Male Musicians ONLY) Go here!
Here's a link to my other blog crews!

I can't face the dark without ::Claim Here::.


Alice Nine
Shou - nekoshoujo .
Hiroto - dropsofstars . starless_sky20 .

An Cafe
Kanon - vayaro .

Zero - deatheaterjera .
Hizumi - maazuki_kei .

Dir En Grey
Kyo - kktsubasa .
Kaoru - kktsubasa .
Toshiya - kktsubasa .

The GazettE
Ruki - feelingofdoubt . sono_ike .
Aoi - lifeisnyaa . vayaro .

Arioka Daiki - xmidnightrain . heysayjumplove . kaoru_yubiwa . brosiscomplex . asianized_x
Takaki Yuya - turtlepark .
Yamada Ryosuke - yamada_love . kaoru_yubiwa .
Chinen Yuri - kickbuhttninja .

Isshi - takanori_lover .

Yokoyama Yuu - yue_akuma .
Murakami Shingo - yue_akuma .
Yasuda Shota - yue_akuma .

Kitayama Hiromitsu - gackt_tytta .

Aiji - sono_ike .

Nakayama Yuma w/ BI Shadow
Nakayama Yuma - turtlepark .

Koyama Keiichiro - silver881
Nishikido Ryo - gackt_tytta . marcsi568 .
Yamashita Tomohisa - marcsi568 . kaoru_yubiwa .
Kato Shigeaki - karlablue .


Jang Wooyoung - happyiris .

Lee Ki Kwang - asianized_x .

Alex - staryh .

C.N Blue
Jung Yonghwa - asianized_x .

Jung Yunho - staryh .
Shim Changmin - jkkwai . evlcookies .
Kim Junsu - perfectstart .

FT Island
Lee Hongki -kokoroxkiseki . happyiris .

Super Junior
Choi Siwon - blackpapillon .
Lee Donghae - kokoroxkiseki . mondaythe26th .
Cho Kyuhyun - ah_kya . mondaythe26th .
Kim Jongwoon - ryutsuki_sama .
Kim Kibum - evlcookies .


Axis Powers Hetalia
Lovino Vargas - lovino . lea_sama .
Antonio Fernandez Corriedo - lovino .
Alfred F. Jones - lovino .

Dark Mousy - innoc3nt_sorrow .

--Video Games--

Thousand Arms
The Dark Master - deatheaterjera .


Sato Takeru - colorfulkizuna .
Nakamura Yuichi - colorfulkizuna .

--TV Shows--

Life On Mars
Sam Tyler - timedrift .
Gene Hunt - timedrift .

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Isshi from Kagrra please!

South Italy, Spain, & America from Axis Powers Hetalia (Animanga), please.

Taking my reserve, thank you. ^^

You're welcome~ <3

Can I claim Yokoyama Yuu, Murakami Shingo and Yasuda Shota, all from Kanjani8 (music/japan) please? ^^

Thankiiies! ♥

Added~ And you're welcome. ^^ <3

ekgjna;oeinhae;oh I LOVE THIS SONG!!

TY for Kei &hearts

It's defnitely one of my favourites off the new CD. I was kind of sad that there wasn't a more softer-type 'ballad' at the end of this CD, like on all the others. But this one was really bitter sweet.

And you're welcome. ^^ <3 <3

(Deleted comment)
kim junsu / dbsk / korea please~

(Deleted comment)
You're welcome~~ <3

South Italy (Lovino) from Axis Powers Hetalia please...?

South Italy (Lovino) from Axis Powers Hetalia please...?

Taking Aoi. :)

taking my reservation~ thanks!!

and I wanna add Arioka Daiki please~

You're welcome! <3

And you've been added for Arioka Daiki as well. ^^ I swear, in these 'multiple users per claim' crews, he's the first to go! I don't get it. o.O (But then, I've never listened to the group ^^;;;;;)

Arioka Daiki of Hey! Say! JUMP *music japan* please?

just taking myreserves 8D thanks <3

You're welcome~


Taking my reserve~ Sankyuu! :DDDD

Arioka Daiki of Hey! Say! JUMP,
Jung Yong Hwa of C.N Blue (music/korea)
Lee Ki Kwang of BEAST (music/korea) please?

Dark Mousy from DNAngel (animanga) for the irony of it please? :D

Added, with the irony as well! XD

*taking Siwon on sack*
thanks bb &hearts, you made my day! and made me explore my friends page again, lol

You're welcome. ^^ I'm glad I could do that. ^^ See! There are good things on Live Journal! XD

of Dir en grey (Music/Japan)
CLAIMING plrease thanks


And you're welcome. ^^

Taking my reserve for Hiroto, thank you so much sweetie. ♥

You're quite welcome! ^^ -hugsquiiish~-

Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt from Life on Mars (tv) please!~

Sure! You've been added. ^^

Aoi(the Gazette) and Kanon(An Cafe), please. (music/Japan)

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