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:034: The Only One Blog Crew
D'espairsRay // Zero Butt
All of the other girls call him
Claim Here
But only I'm allowed to call him
Petname Here

Please Read the Rules!
MULTIFANDOM. Anything goes, video games, animanga, books, musicians, actors. . .
First come, first serve.
1 claim per user, 1 user per claim.
No reservations this time! I have added a couple names tho, because I'm a horrid bitch.
Claim means it's full.
I'm claiming Zero.
Check the claims list/ comments before yours before you claim!
Please put full name, profession/country, and which fandom it is from!
Please put 'The Only One' in the subject so I know you've read the rules. If you do not put this, you won't get your claim!
Don't take the code before I accept. >.>
Wanna reserve? (Asian Male Musicians ONLY) Go here!
Here's a link to my other blog crews!

All of the other girls call him
Claim Here
But only I'm allowed to call him
Petname Here

Code Get!:

››My‹‹ lips were m e a n t to kiss Claim Here.
Smoochie smooch!

Code Get!:



Alice Nine
Hiroto - starless_sky20 . dropsofstars Two users are allowed here because of a mixup on my part.
Shou - nekoshoujo

An Cafe</>
Kanon - vayaro

Zero - deatheaterjera

Arioka Daiki - heysayjumplove .

Isshi - takanori_lover

Yokoyama Yuu - yue_akuma

Koyama Keiichiro - silver881

Ruka - adlasaid

The GazettE
Ruki - feelingofdoubt
Aoi - lifeisnyaa .


Kim Junsu - itsquirky

Super Junior
Choi Siwon - blackpapillon
Park Jungsoo - pikapikachuuu


Mötley Crüe
Vince Neil - lonelyisourlife


Sato Takeru - colorfulkizuna


Deidara - aliisa_ahonen

Prince of Tennis
Shirashi Kuranosuke - colorchild


--TV Shows--

--Video Games--

Professor Layton
Professor Hershel Layton - warsex

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Hiroto from alice nine. (music/Japan) please? :D


But I did have an issue with it. D: At first, the entry was friends blocked, and someone had sent me a PM about it, asking if they could claim Hiroto. I was unsure what to do, because both of you asked without knowing the other had asked as well and because it was my error. Soooo. I hope it's ok that I have both of you on there. I'm really sorry! TT.TT

It's totally fine~ :) <3

Awesome. ^^ -hugsquish- I was so worried about it. D:

D'aww~ There's no need to get worried. :3 *GLOMPS J00* <333

I'm just such a worry wart all the time!
<3 <3 <3 <3

just taking my kei-chi as always &hearts :)

<3 <3 If you didn't I'd be worried. D:

i think if i claimed someone else ... id feel like im cheating on kei XDDD

Park Jung soo (Leeteuk) / Super Junior/ Korea/ Music, please?
Tyvm! ^^

(Deleted comment)

Isshi from Kagrra please!

Shou from alice nine [music/Japan] please. ^^

Deidara from Naruto/animanga, please? ty! ♥

Professor Hershel Layton from the Professor Layton game series (video games), pretty please with a cherry and a smile? <3

Ruki from the GazettE, please?

(Deleted comment)
Aoi of the GazettE (Japan//Music) please? :)

(Deleted comment)
Kim Junsu of dbsk (music/korea) please? ^^

(Deleted comment)
can i claim vince neil of mötley crüe (music/america) please? :3

Now it's me who's still in hiatus ;A; haven't checked my friends page lately buuuuuut~


Sometimes we need hiatuses! D: I just went on one recently on my personal journal, and I'm glad I did it.

Of coouuurrse! As long as I'm making crews and as long as you still want to claim him, I'll keep adding your name, no matter how long of a hiatus you go on! -hugsquiiiiish- <3~

(how come I never saw this one? *gasp*)

Yokoyama Yuu from Kanjani8 (music/japan) pleaaaaase? ^^

Thankies! ♥

Well. . . I did have a malfunction with it at first. ^^;;;;; So it could have been my fault that you didn't see it. Thank you for coming back for it! :D

You've been added! And you're very welcome~~

Kanon of An Cafe please. :D (music/Japan)

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